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B.M.E. (Music Education), St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas, 1967.
M.M. (Musicology and Music Literature), North Texas State University, Denton, Texas, 1969. Thesis: "The Incidental Music of Beethoven."
Ph.D. (Musicology and History), North Texas State University, Denton, Texas, 1975.
Dissertation: "German Singing Societies in Texas."


1992-present: Associate Professor of Music, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio (tenure granted, 1995; Full Professor, 2000).

Taught undergraduate music history survey, graduate period courses and Introduction to Musicology [Bibliography] (rotating basis); Seminars: "Beethoven" (Spring, 1993; Spring, 1998); "Mozart and Salieri" (Spring, 1994); "Schubert, Brahms and Bruckner" (Fall, 1996); "Wagner" (Summer, 1997); 'Verdi' (Summer, 1998); "Germany Between the World Wars" (Summer, 1999); "Haydn" (Spring, 2000); "Bach" (Summer, 2000); musicology seminars on mixed topics (Spring, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999); freshman music literature (1993-1994).

Appointed to Graduate Faculty, with approval to direct dissertations (Fall, 1992).

Increased number of graduate students in the Musicology program from 6 (1992) to 24 (1999). Students have consistently presented papers, published, and

established professional contacts nationally and internationally; four have been elected as chapter representatives to the American Musicological Society.

Served on master's and doctoral orals committees in conducting, performance, music education, theory/composition and musicology/ethnomusicology.

Hosted guest lecturers: musicologist Irving Godt (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) on composers Monteverdi and Marianna von Martines; musicologist William Grim (Worcester State College) on gender roles in opera; musicologist Richard Shindle (K.S.U. emeritus) on the genesis of the ricercar; oboist Carol Padgham Albrecht (University of Idaho) on Baroque performance practices; musicologist Owen Jander (Wellesley College emeritus) on programmatic implications in Beethoven's music; musicologist Kenneth Langevin (Carnegie-Mellon University) on little-known French Classical composers, Gounod and French Romanticism; musicologist Charles Michael Carroll (St. Petersburg Junior College) on Mozartian Misconceptions.

Hosted (with graduate students) fall meeting, Allegheny Chapter, American Musicological Society, October 19, I 996; spring meeting, Midwest Chapter, AMS, April 10-11, 1999.

Served on various committees (Library Committee, Graduate Studies Committee, Curriculum Committee, Faculty Advisory Committee, Director Review and in other service-related capacities.

Guest-conducting appearances: Heights Chamber Orchestra, Cleveland (1995); Kent State University Orchestra and Chorus (School of Music benefit concert, 1995); Louisville High School Band (1998); Heidelberg College Chorus and Orchestra (1999).

Pre-concert and similar lectures: The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Opera, Canton Symphony Orchestra, Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, Tuesday Musical Club (Akron), as well as other cultural and civic groups (1992-present).

1980-1992: Professor of Music, Park College, Kansas City, Missouri. Taught undergraduate music history, literature, and appreciation (two-semester history survey for sophomores; junior/senior sequence of period seminars). Incorporated aspects of World Music into Western music classes, using students from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Micronesia, etc. Special seminars: "Beethoven," "Symphonic Literature," "Music and the Arts in Kansas City," and "Mozart and Salieri." Participated in campus Honors Program from inception (1981): Interdisciplinary Senior Honors Seminars and "honors" sections of standard curriculum. Arranged for guests on campus: composers Virgil Thomson and Edith Borroff, musicologists Dika Newlin and Irving Godt, cellist Frantisek Smetana, oboist Ronald Roseman, English hornist Thomas Stacy. Hosted Disneyland/Walt Disney World National Audition Tour, January, 1986. Music Director of college-community Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City (before 1987, Northland Symphony Orchestra); 70 members/lO concerts per season; gave three U.S., three world, four regional, eight Kansas City premieres. First cycle in U.S. of all nine Dvorak symphonies. Standard repertory included late Haydn and Mozart symphonies; all Beethoven and Brahms symphonies; Smetana, Ma viast (complete); Tchaikovsky, Symphonies 2, 4- 6; Mahler, Symphonies 1-4; Shostakovich, Symphonies 5 and 11. Recruitment and admissions activities; fund raising; community relations for college and orchestra; department chair, 1982-1992. Elderhostel offering: "Beethoven and the Age of Revolution," May, 1988; May, 1989; "Amadeus: The Truth about Mozart and Salieri," May, 1990. Hosted NEH Summer Seminar for Secondary School Teachers: "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony," June 29-July 24, 1987; the first seminar in this NEH program ever to be offered in the field of Music; repeated July 3-28, 1989. Advised and supervised student research and publications, including an NEH Younger Scholars Grant, CMS papers, AMS papers (Indiana University Press Award for Student Papers, Midwest Chapter, AMS), as well as journal and Festschrift articles.

1983 (Spring): Visiting Lecturer, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Taught graduate course in Twentieth-Century Music; concurrently with duties at Park College.

1976-1980: Lecturer in Musicology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Taught graduate courses in Classical and Romantic periods, bibliography and research methods. Taught graduate/undergraduate seminar: "The Vienna of Brahms, Bruckner, and Mahler." Served as Music Librarian. Advised independent study and student publications.

1975-1976: Assistant Professor (visiting appointment), Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina. Included lectures to music history, literature, and appreciation classes; seminar: "The String Quartets of Haydn," and interdisciplinary courses. Sponsored student field trips. Guest conducted University Symphony Orchestra. Organized and conducted Summer Chamber Orchestra.

1973-1975: Teaching Fellow, North Texas State University. Taught senior music history and freshman music literature. Related activities included sponsorship of a Symposium on American Music, guest speakers and field trips.

1965-present: Various additional conducting activities in Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Kansas. (Details upon request.)

Conducting; study with Anshel Brusilow and

Music Department Scholarships, St. Mary's University, 1964-1967.
NDEA Title IV Fellowship, North Texas State University, 1968-1970.
Pi Kappa Lambda, National Music Honorary Society.
Biographical listings in International Who's Who in Music, Who's Who in American Music--Classical, and Who's Who in the Midwest.
Outstanding Faculty Award, Park College, 1985.
Excellence in Education Award, Northland Chamber of Commerce, 1986.
Feature Selection, Performing Arts Book Club, July, 1990 (edition of Thayer, Salieri: Rival of Mozart).
ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)-Deems Taylor Award, December, 1997 (Letters to Beethoven).
Certificate of Recognition, Ohio Representative Ann Womer Benjamin, January 15, 1998 (Letters to Beethoven).
Finalist, Distinguished Scholar Award, Kent State University, Spring, 1998.
Distinguished Alumnus Award, College of Music, University of North Texas, April, 1999.

NEH Summer Seminar: "The Symphonies of Beethoven,"with Lewis Lockwood, Harvard University, 1981.
Publication grant, Kansas City Regional Council for Higher Education, 1982.
Performance grant, Austrian Institute, New York, for the U.S. premiere of Gottfried von Einem's Bruckner Dialog, December, 1982.
Performance grant, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chicago, for the U.S. premiere of Hans Pfitzner's Symphony in C, December, 1983.
NEH Summer Seminar: "Stylistic Development in the Works of Joseph Haydn," with A. Peter Brown, Indiana University, 1984.
NEH Travel to Collections Grant, Indiana University, June, 1984.
NEH Summer Seminar (Director): "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony," Park College, July, 1987; repeated in July, 1989.
NEH Summer Institute: "Beethoven: From Revolution to Restoration," with Joseph Kerman, Sieghard Brandenburg, et al., Arizona State University, 1991.
Kent State University, Research Council, research travel support, Rochester, Spring, 1994.
Kent State University, College of Fine and Professional Arts, Professional Development Award, Summer, 1994.
NEH Summer Seminar: "Psychoanalysis in History," with Peter Gay, Yale University, 1994.
Kent State University, Research Council, summer travel grant, Vienna, May-June, 1996.
Kent State University, Research Council, research travel support, Vienna, Summer, 1998.
Kent State University, Research Council, research travel support, Vienna, Summer, 2000.
Kent State University, Research Council, research travel support, Vienna, Summer, 2001





Dika Newlin, Friend and Mentor: A Birthday Anthology, edited by Theodore Albrecht;

Denton: Jagdhorn Verlag, 1973.

Felix Weingartner, On the Performance of the Symphonies of Mozart (1923), translated and

edited by Theodore Albrecht, serialized in Journal of the Conductors' Guild 6, No. 3

(Summer, 1985).

Felix Weingartner, On the Performance of the Symphonies of Schubert and Schumann (1918),

translated and edited by Theodore Albrecht, serialized in Journal of the Conductors'

Guild 7, No. i (Winter, 1986); No. 2 (Spring, 1986) and No. 3 (Summer, 1986).

Dika Caecilia: Essays for Dika Newlin, November 22, 1988, edited by Theodore Albrecht;

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Alexander Wheelock Thayer, Salieri: Rival of Mozart, edited by Theodore Albrecht,

foreword by F. Murray Abraham; Kansas City: Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City,


Letters to Beethoven, and Other Correspondence (North American Beethoven Studies, No. 2),

3 vols.; Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1996.

Beethoven Treasures in America: An Exhibit at the Library of Congress ... April-July, 2001:

Catalogue, edited by Theodore Albrecht, projected.

Beethoven: A Guide to Research, 2 vols.; New York: Garland, projected for 2001.




Fine Arts Editor, St. Mary's University Rattler (newspaper), 1964-1967; regular articles of

music, theater, film and art criticism.

"Barbirolli Remembered," Ottorino Observer 2 (July, 1971), 5.

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Reviews (Selected)

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Music," by Theodore Albrecht and Students; Cleveland, 1978.

"An Annotated Catalogue of Musical Instruments in the Collections of the Western

Reserve Historical Society," by Theodore Albrecht and Students; Cleveland, 1978.

Copies of the above three items on deposit in many local and several national

libraries and museums.

"Music and the Arts in Kansas City, 1880-1890," by Theodore Albrecht and Students;

Kansas City, 1982. Copies on deposit in several area libraries.



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Finishing Beethoven: A Guide to the Literature for Harmonie Park Press; projected for

ca. 2002.

Beethoven's missing sketchbook of March-April, 1804: a speculative reconstruction of its

contents, in progress.

Salieri's Les Danaides, annotated English translation of the French-language libretto.

Translation and edition of Johann Ferdinand von Schonfeld, Jahrbuch der Tonkunst von

Wien und Prag, 1796. In progress (translation, 200 pp., essentially finished).

Gathering materials for book-length study of Beethoven's interactions with orchestral

musicians in Vienna, in progress.


German, French, Latin.


  • American Musicological Society
    • Student Representative, Southwest Chapter, 1974-1975.
    • Chair, Nominating Committee, Midwest Chapter, 1993-1995.
    • President, Midwest Chapter, 1996-1998.
    • Local Arrangements Chair, Midwest Chapter, Spring, 1999.
    • Secretary-Treasurer, Allegheny Chapter, 1999-2001.
  • International Musicological Society
  • College Music Society
    • Book Review Editor, Symposium, 1980-1983.
    • Assistant Editor, Symposium, 1981-1983.
    • Editor-in-Chief, Symposium, 1983-1985.
    • President, Great Plains Chapter, 1987-1989.
    • Editorial Board, Symposium, 1991-1997.
  • American Symphony Orchestra League
  • Assistant Editor, Journal of the Conductors' Guild, 1984-1991.
  • The Sonneck Society
  • The Conductors' Guild
  • Verein fur Geschichte der Stadt Wien (Vienna)
  • American Beethoven Society
  • Advisory Board, 1997-

    BIRTHPLACE AND DATE: Jamestown, New York; September 24, 1945.


    FAMILY: Wife, Carol Padgham Albrecht, oboist; M.M., North Texas State University, 1980;

    private student of John Mack and Felix Kraus (Cleveland Orchestra). Currently Associate

    Professor of Oboe, University of Idaho.

    MILITARY SERVICE: U.S. Army; August, 1970-June 1972; duty station, Frankfurt, Germany;

    rank upon discharge, Captain.