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The following tutor-produced Mini-Lessons cover almost any topic you might need for perfecting your grammar and style elements in a paper. These handouts can be downloaded in MS Word (.doc) format for easy printing.

Colons Dashes Hyphens
Quotation Marks Possessive Nouns Case
Italics Which or That? Pesky Pairs
Quoting Poetry in an Essay Quoting Prose in an
Proofreading Synonyms for Said The pronoun You
MLA Documentation The Ellipsis Relative Clauses
Nonsexist Use of Language Semicolon Words to Coordinate & Subordinate 
Passive Voice Transitional Words Sentence Structure
Reading Tips and Strategies Making an Outline Commas to Combine Sentences
Thesis Statements APA Documentation

More mini-lessons and guides are available at
Literary Education On-Line from St. Cloud University and the
Purdue OWL's Handouts Listed by Topic.