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  • Advanced Business Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Advanced Technical Writing


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English 30063, English 20002 & English 30062

The objective of the Advanced Business Writing (English 30063), Technical Writing (English 20002), and Advanced Technical Writing (English 30062) courses is to develop writing skills so that students are able to assemble an effective report/document that assimilates those prepared in professional settings; and to communicate effectively with other professionals and customers. Consequently many topics are common to all three. These include:

  • Writing Routine Business Letters
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Types of Reports--Proposals and Analytical Reports
  • Elements of Formal Reports
  • Integrating Graphics into Documents
  • Summarizing Information--Abstracts/Executive Summaries
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Oral Presentation Skills
  • Writing Job Application Materials--Resumes/Cover Letters

In addition to these topics, students taking Technical Writing develop the following skills associated with technical documents:

  • Use of Definitions in Documents
  • Use of Instructions in Manuals and other Documents
  • Use of Descriptions in Technical Writing

Assignments are application-based, rather than theory-based; with the student using his or her major area of study or interests to generate a topic that is then developed into a professional document associated with that area or interest. Students have developed documents in these courses for their workplace and have been successful in having the proposed projects implemented.

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