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The Center for Conrad Studies

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The Center for Conrad Studies is part of Kent State's Institute for Bibliography & Editing and operates in conjunction with the University's Department of English and the Libraries' Department of Special Collections. It includes virtually all the first and later book editions of Conrad as well as copies of magazine printings and of Conrad's extant manuscripts, typescripts, and proofs. Contact: Robert W. Trogdon (Executive Secretary).

The Center supports the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad (a complete thirty-volume critical edition of his novels, essays, and other works) and two associated projects. Conrad (1857--1924) is one of the twentieth century's most important writers. Polish by birth, he wrote in his third language, English, and became very popular at the beginning of WWI. His stories (for example, 'Heart of Darkness', 'The Secret Sharer') and novels (Lord Jim, Nostromo, The Secret Agent, Under Western Eyes) have had an immense influence of writers of fiction everywhere.

The editors for the project are located throughout North America as well as in Britain, continental Europe, Asia, and Australia.