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May 4, 1970
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RESOURCES: PEOPLE: Allison Krause1

Allison Krause was a 19 year old freshman honors student at Kent State University.
She graduated from Kennedy High School in Maryland in the spring of 1969.

Allison's father Arthur was a vocal advocate for justice in the name of his daughter.  He initiated a civil suit against Gov. Rhodes and others in a suit known as Krause v. Rhodes.  In the end, a settlement came in early 1979.  The Krause's recieved only $15,000.

After Arthur's death, Doris refused to return to Kent State.  She did finally came back in the fall of 1999 for the dedication of the parking lot spaces.  Doris continues to live outside of Pittsburgh, Penn.

Allison Krause was a 19 year old
freshman when she was killed at
Kent State on May 4, 1970


13 Seconds: Confrontation at Kent State by Joe Eszterhaus and Michael Roberts

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SPEECH: Arthur Krause outside Robinson Memorial Hospital after his daughter's death in 1970. 

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SPEECH: Barry Lavine speech from 2000 about Allison

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POEM: Flowers & Bullets, by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

FILM: Allison (dir. Richard Myers, 1971)

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The May 4th Task Force was founded by Kent State students and victims of the May 4 shootings. Alan Canfora, Robbie Stamps, and Dean Kahler were three of the charter members. The Task Force felt that the truth about what happened in May of 1970 had yet to be told and that the lessons to be learned from the tragedy should be part of a continuous and living history.

Since 1975 it has been the purpose of the M4TF to raise the level of awareness of students, faculty and the general public about the May 1970 shootings and the history of subsequent related events.

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