PEOPLE: James Dennis Russell

As a senior at KSU in 1970, Jim Russell was a member of the Tau Kappa Epselon fraternity. 

James Dennis Russell 375 ft (114 m) was hit in his right thigh from a bullet and in the right forehead by birdshot - both wounds minor.  Jim was not in the parking lot or on Blanket Hill when he was hit with bullets, but at a right agle to the rest of the wounded students.  Most maps show his location as conveniently lying between the since-built Memorial Gym Annex and the dormatories.  If asked, Jim would take those who wanted to know more into the Annex, and stand in the middle of the basketball courts (which are now Architecture studios) and calmly explain that THIS was where he was shot. 

Durring the civil trials of the late 1970's, he was awarded $15,000 for his wounds.  The same ammount awarded to the families of the four students who died.

After the trials, Jim made his way to Oregon and started a family.  His pride and joy was his daughter Rebecca. 

He and Joe Lewis would speak together for high school classes and on other occasions. 

Jim returned to Kent State several times in recent years. He made his final visit to Kent State in 2007, speaking with friend and fellow wounded student Joe Lewis Jr. at the annual commemoration.

Jim Russell died of a heart attack in June 2007.  For us, he was one of the good guys.  He touched countless lives and will be greatly missed. 

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