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May 4, 1970
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RESOURCES:  The following are some excellent on-line resources that the M4TF recommends when beginning your research about the May 4, 1970 shootings.  (National History Day Students should click here.)
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Chronology of Events, May 1-4, 1970
Revised by the M4TF in 1996.

CNN Evening News Segment 7, (March 13, 2003)
CNN Revisits Kent State to look at student anti-war protests in 2003.

Dean Kahler, recorded in 2000 by WAOH
A video available through the web of Dean Kahler's story. An excellent first-hand account of May 4, 1970 by one of the wounded students. 

WKSU Audio Documentary, recorded in 2000
An award winning piece, this documentary features interviews with many personalities invovled in May 4, 1970.  Including former Kent Mayor, LeRoy Satrom.

FBI Reading Room
Over 1,000 documents released through the Freedom Of Information Act.  Items are available for download via .pdf file format.

May 4 Oral History Project.
60+ personal accounts of events relating to May 4, 1970.

Crankshaft Cartoon (2000)
KSU Alums, Chuck Ayers and Tom Batiuk created a story line in their "Crankshaft" syndicated cartoon in 2000 that followed some of the strip's main characters back to campus while checking out schools for their son Max.

The May 4th Task Force was founded by Kent State students and victims of the May 4 shootings. Alan Canfora, Robbie Stamps, and Dean Kahler were three of the charter members. The Task Force felt that the truth about what happened in May of 1970 had yet to be told and that the lessons to be learned from the tragedy should be part of a continuous and living history.

Since 1975 it has been the purpose of the M4TF to raise the level of awareness of students, faculty and the general public about the May 1970 shootings and the history of subsequent related events.

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