Assignments for Basic Microbiology 

Dr. Adam Leff 

Trumbull Campus

In addition to the four lecture exams and laboratory quizzes, the
following assignments are required for Basic Microbiology.


I. Written Report/Computer Based Assignment - 100 points

Students may choose one of the projects below (A or B) to
complete this requirement.

A. Disease Report - A written report on infectious disease.

This is a traditional written report/term paper on a particular

infectious disease. You may choose your report topic from a list of

diseases handed out during class. The list includes many types of

bacterial, fungal, protozoan, and viral diseases. The objectives of

this assignment are:
          1) Practice writing skills.
          2) Finding and using various information sources.
          3) Learning about a particular disease .

The report is 3-5 pages in length, does not have to be footnoted.

For more detailed information on Disease Report, see the

Assignments section of the Learning Center.


B. Current Topics in Microbiology Report

A 3-5 page written report on a current/controversial issues in microbiology.

This assignment is based on using computerized databases to retrieve information

and library resources to obtain copies of particular articles.

For more detailed information on each specific project, see the

Assignments section of the Learning Center.


II. Laboratory Unknown Identification - 100 points

A standard identification of an unknown bacterial species. You will

receive a culture of a particular bacterial species and must identify

the bacteria using standard staining and physiologic testing

methods. Flowcharts in the Lab Supplement handout, the

textbook, and Bergey's Manual are used as references. The

unknown is conducted as an independent project, with sufficient

in-class time given to complete the assignment. The identification

also requires a short (1-2 page) written description of the unknown



1997, Department of Biological Sciences, Kent State University