Katherine A. Rawson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology


(330) 672-3789

Members of the RADlab (left to right):
front: Marissa Hartwig, S.Uma Tauber, Nic Wilkins, Kalif Vaughn, Robert Ariel, John Dunlosky
back: Angie Jones, Christina Poulin, Katie Wissman, Katherine Rawson, Michael Mueller



Research in our lab explores several interrelated questions about human comprehension and memory: What are the cognitive processes involved in reading, understanding, and remembering text material? How do these various cognitive processes interact with one another during reading? Why do cognitive processes become faster and better with practice? How can we optimize learning in educationally relevant domains, to improve how much students learn, how fast they learn it, and how long they retain it? And what self-regulatory processes support such learning?