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Stevan E. Hobfoll , Ph.D.

Education: Ph.D., University of South Florida (1977)

Research Interests

Our work involves the impact of stress on people's lives. Our group is mainly interested in major stressors such as severe health problems, war, terrorism, and disaster. Within this we study people's resiliency. We have developed a prevention intervention for inner-city women to help them deal with violence and HIV risk.

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Courses Frequently Taught

  • Personality Psychology
  • Community Psychology
  • Interventions in Health Psychology

Recent Publications

Hobfoll, S. E., Johnson, R. J., Ennis, N. E, Jackson, A. P. (2003). Resource loss, resource gain, and emotional outcomes among inner-city women. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84, 632-643.

Hobfoll, S. E., Bansal, A., Schurg, R., Young, S., Pierce, C. A., Hobfoll, I., & Johnson, R. (2002). The impact of perceived child physical and sexual abuse history on Native American women's psychological well-being and AIDS risk. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 70, 252-257.

Hobfoll, S. E., Jackson, A. P., Lavin, J., Johnson, R., & Schröder, K. E. E. (2002). Effects and generalizability of communally-oriented HIV/AIDS prevention versus general health promotion group for single, inner-city women in urban clinics. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 70, 950-960.

Hobfoll, S. E. (1998). Stress, culture, and community: The psychology and philosophy of stress. New York: Plenum.

Hobfoll, S. E. (1989). Conservation of resources: A new attempt at conceptualizing stress. The American Psychologist, 44, 513-524.


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