Fall, 2001
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                                                                                                     DR. BENSON

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DATE                                                   TOPIC

August 28                 Administrative Matters and Introduction to the Course

September 4             Issues and Theoretical Perspectives_Psychological and Structural
                                Functional theories of Socialization

                                Primary: None


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September 11         Issues and Theoretical Perspectives __ Life Course and Interpretive Theories


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September 18         Issues and Theoretical Perspectives_ Symbolic Interactionism, Self, and Identity


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September 25            Continuation:

October 2                 Early Socialization__ Immediate Primary Groups


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October 9                 Continuation

October 16               Early Socialization__ Gender Roles

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October 23             Examination for M.A. students

October 30             Early Socialization_ Emotions, Values and Beliefs

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November 6             Early Socialization__ Peer Groups

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November 13           Early Socialization__ The Institution of Education

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November 20                                     THANKSGIVING BREAK

November 27           Early and Continuing Socialization__ Major societal demarcations: Class; Race and Ethnicity

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December 4             Continuing Socialization__ The world of work and the workplace

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December 11             2nd examination for M.A. students