Corporate Name: Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity
Colors: Green and Gold
Motto: Lambda Men are Making Their Presence Known
Toast Song: There Once was a Mighty Lambda Man
Fraternity Cheer: Lambda Men All the Time
Founding: October 15, 1986
Alpha (Founding) Chapter: Washington, D.C.
Founder: Vernon L. Strickland, Esq.

Our Crest
Our Crest

   Helmet: The helmet represents knighthood and a code of honor.
   Open Visor: The open visor represents and indicates that Delta Lambda Phi is a non-secret society.
   Mantling: The mantling represents our use of parliamentary procedure to maintain order.
   Scales: The Scales represent the delicate balance of social equity and the distribution of justice.
   Phis: The group of three phis represent the majority view point, while the pair of phis represent the minority viewpoint.
   Inverse Triangle: The inverse triangle represents the persecution of Gays by the Nazis and their continued persecution today.
   Lambda: The lower case Greek lambda represents the gay liberation movement.
   Shaking hands: The shaking hands represent friendship and understanding. Hands are placed as a link between the lambda and the inverse triangle in order to represent the transition from persecution to liberation.
   Chevrons: The chevrons represent an unclosed division with the past.
   Burning Lamp: The burning lamp represents enlightenment and ancient knowlege.
   Stars: The three stars represent the first three Delta Lambda Phi Chapters. The Alpha Chapter-in Washington D.C. is represented by the star at the top.

The Centaur

     The centaur is the mascot-symbol of Delta Lambda Phi. Adapted from Greek mythology and redefined, he embodies the essence of masculinity.
     Our standardized depiction of the centaur differs from classic Greek mythology. While both the ancient and Lambda versions depict a muscular, half man/half horse form, the Lambda centaur is clean-shaven with short hair and bears resemblance to a young man.
     Ancient Greek art forms presented the centaur as a long-haired, bearded creature with shaggy hair covering most of his body.
     The straining, extended hand of the Lambda centaur, as he reaches for those experiences just beyond his grasp, reemphasizes the enduring internal and external strength of the Lambda Man.

Our Mascot, The Centaur

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